Below I have listed a few examples of real-world scenarios in which my services and expertise. The aim of my work is to either improve your life in a meaningful way, improve the lives of others, or help your organization improve their policies which in turn aim to improve the lives of people.

This list is by no means exhaustive and if your issue is related to social science I can most certainly help.


  • A teacher may have the education, tools, and experience they need to be successful at teaching but not every single student is successful or demonstrating their best work.
  • My child has been seeing a counselor for several years. They have taken a battery of tests and even identified things we can work on but I only see marginal improvements. Can you take a closer look at this to see if we are missing something?
  • My child doesn’t want to talk to me or anyone. Is this something you can help with?
  • I have everything I need from life. I am happily married, I have amazing children, we live comfortably, I maintain a small group of social connections, our future looks stable but I don’t know, I felt like there would be more or something, you know? Am I just looking for things to trouble me? I don’t understand what it is or what I want or what is causing this feeling. Sometimes I just think about it before falling asleep, I just don’t know. Can we discuss this?
  • My child wants to travel really far to go to college but I want them to stay near me. I know they would be ok and I know I can just hop on a plane to see them or vice versa but I don’t know, I guess I want my child to see my perspective. Can you make this happen or at least detail reasons why I feel this way?
  • My child doesn’t like the taste, smell, thought, or site of bread. Even she is not able to explain why. Can you help us understand?
  • My five year old whines about everything. I mean, I have three children and none of them ever whined this much. I get that this is just her personality but isn’t their a deeper reason then just saying it’s her personality?
  • My husband and I don’t get along anymore. Sometimes we yell at each other but mostly we just ignore each other and the only time we fight is if it’s about our children or taking the free time out of one another’s schedule. The issue, for me, is that this wasn’t us for the first few years of our marriage. It very slowly changed over the years and sometimes I’m just like, is this really my life now. We’ve talked about this to each other, we’ve even tried counseling. Can you help us understand our individual perspectives and how it might be interfering in our relationship?
  • My son is extremely anxious all the time. He always gives rational reasons but even if they are rational they interfere with his daily life. He has friends, plays sports, has a girlfriend, but he’s just always anxious. He’s even mentioned that life is meaningless but quickly said he was just joking. Maybe if he saw himself from one of your studies that would help him? Or maybe it would help us and his teachers better work with him if we too understood what caused this anxiety and possible depression?
  • My daughter can’t sleep at night. She falls asleep at 4 AM or later some nights. She says she can’t help it. This has been going on for months now and I’m actually very worried for her. Our family doctor has given her medication to help with this but it doesn’t seem to work. Her counselor has explained that she needs continous cognitive therapy to help her talk through her thoughts and feelings. But it doesn’t seem like anything is helping. I just want her to help her in some way. Maybe there is something your analysis will show us that we haven’t seen or discussed?


  • My organization’s departments have access to the same tools and resources. Department A seems happier and more productive than the other departments and especially when compared to Department C. How can this happen? What do we need to change in order to have all our departments happy, productive and successful?
  • I feel that it is very important that my employees attend weekly meetings. I need to be aware of current issues from within each department. Even if people come to the meeting and they do not have much to discuss I think it’s beneficial for them to know about what is happening among other departments and within the company. I could send out a memo instead but I don’t think people would read them anyway. At least if they are in this meeting I know they at least had the opportunity to hear everything first hand. Is my perspective accurate? Can you conduct a study so I can see this in writing even if the results don’t match my assumptions?
  • Could you read our policies and offer some suggestions?
  • What is the overall climate of our office? What personality types might have a difficult time adapting and what personality types might thrive in our environment?
  • I’m not too sure what I want but I would like for my employees to be happier and more productive. Any suggestions?


  • I have a few teachers in my district that have many years of experience but I have noticed that students complain about them more often than even my new teachers. What is causing this?
  • I’ve noticed a major difference between the third graders and the second graders. Every teacher that interacts with the thir-grade class compliments their behaviors, attitudes, and workmanship but the second graders are the complete opposite. No matter what strategy we try nothing seems to work. What is the reason for this difference between these two classes and what can our teachers do to best work with our secon-grade class?
  • During the past two years our reading and science scores dropped significantly but our teachers are teaching every standard and ensuring that students are getting the help they need. Why did these scores drop? What are some suggestions to bring these scores back up and to prevent this dip from happening again in the future?
  • My teachers feel defeated. How can I help them?
  • A nearby school district always outperforms us academically. We have the same tools and resources. All our teachers are higher qualified. It’s possible they have a larger budget but we take this into account and allocate costs to ensure our students are receiving the support they need. How are they consistently outperforming us each year?
  • I wish our classrooms were more engaging for our students but we must ensure that classes have students who are following rules and behaving appropriately. How might we accomplish this?
  • One of our teachers experienced a hardship a few years ago and hasn’t been the same ever since. I mean, they still go through the motions of being a successful teacher and their students are performing well but the same teaching style and enthusiasm is not there. Could you complete a case study on this teacher so we can better learn about their needs or situation?
  • What is the climate of our school? What are the positive and negative impacts of our school’s climate? Does it affect test scores? If so, in what ways? What are some changes we could make to alter our school’s climate to have a positive effect on a high percentage of our students?
  • Can you analyze the cultural capital of our students? What does this data suggest? In what ways can we align instruction to positively interact with our students’ access to cultural capital.
  • A few of our teachers have not experienced the same home environment as our students. This is in turn causes a disconnect in forming relationships and a perception of safety in the classroom which I understand might be a requirement to forming teacher student relationships that allow students to perform successfully in our academic environment. What can our teachers do to try and balance this out? If this were to happen would we see an increase in our test scores?
  • I need to be honest, we need help in working with English language learners. I’m not sure how to best help them? Should they have their own classroom? Should I leave them with all the others students and wish them luck?
  • I have observed all our teachers using an empirically based rubric. Our teachers seem to be doing great work. Can you confirm this?
  • Could you read our school’s policies and let me know if you would change anything?