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A Simple, Effective Academic Writing Workflow

During the past several months I have written a couple of papers, a literature review, and several short essays. I wanted to share my current workflow that is working for me. I need to place emphasis on the word current, because as you might see from my previous posts these processes can change hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and week-to-week. I do, however, believe this is also important to writing. While many might argue that having a sustainable workflow is more productive, I

Essential Productivity Tools for PhD Students

Ok, Ok, let me be clear from the beginning. The title is quite misleading. Obviously it does not matter where you are in life. These productivity tools and advice can work just as well or better for you. Being a student, I want to share my perspectives and experiences with productivity tools. These are tools I have used for the past 6 years. They have worked well for my academia needs and I think they might work well for you

EndNote vs Mendeley vs RefWorks vs Papers vs “An Outline?”

Up until recently I really disliked working with citations. I primarily used Zotero. I used Zotero because it offered the more simplistic approach, or so I thought. I would simply locate an article, book, or any other work then use the zotero save feature to store a copy of the reference to my zotero database. It typically saved way more information than I ever needed and usually included things such as screenshots and full PDF copies. All of which was

My personal reflection on note-taking…

I believe the first time I ever took notes was in high school. I certainly do not remember ever taking notes at any point in my life before this era. I do not remember being interested in journal writing or leaving a note on the counter for my parents when I went outside to play. I simply do not remember taking or writing notes of any kind. This is a tragedy. This is a horrible idea for me to think

A very, very long journey…

I was going over my plan of study this morning. This journey is long. I can see that coursework appears to be never ending. Even though I already have a masters degree which took a year to obtain, I still have quite the journey ahead. It takes a lot of will power to keep going.

Apps for Academics

I love organization, and I love finding new and better ways to organize. I am always looking for the next best app or even old way of doing something to make it my way. For example, my reference management went from Zotero to Workflowy to Ulysses. I certainly tried everything in between but Endnote, the gold standard, was not for me. In fact I cringe when I try to use it. But, that’s another story that certainly no one wants

First post

Hello. My name is Scott. I am currently working on my PhD in education. I went back to school when I turned 30 after seeing my wife of 11 years complete her MBA. Watching my wife endure brain and lung cancer gave my life new direction and meaning. Seeing my children enter pre-school also topped it off. I went back, finished my bachelors, masters, and now I am in the middle of my doctoral studies.

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